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Client Friendly Service
We do everything in a quick and cost-effective manner that favors a problem-solving approach over time-consuming and overly expensive litigation whenever possible. You are not shunted back and forth between numerous unfamiliar attorneys but receive personalized attention as is required for family law problems. Every effort is made to effectuate rapid communication between the attorney and you. The overwhelming majority of calls are returned the day they are made. 


No Retainer Required

One of the more daunting aspects of retaining legal services is coming up with a few thousand dollars for a retainer. We are willing to start working with a pay-as-you-go agreement. Read more this customer-friendly approach.

Referrals Policy
When referrals are made to other firms, the referral will be discussed in advance and will be subject to your approval. Referrals are only made to practitioners that are known as among the best in their field and have an outstanding reputation for handling and satisfying clients. 

How to Get Started
Representation is usually initiated by a client call or communication indicating a particular legal problem. A screening process is then undertaken to indicate the best and most cost-effective approach available. For example, a seemingly "contested" divorce may be capable of resolution through obtaining personal counseling from a qualified professional, a mediation process, an informal conference with the spouses and their attorneys or even a simplified self-help approach. 

Service Area

DuPage Litigation and Mediation Services is available to practice primarily in Cook and DuPage counties in Illinois.